1. At least 7 times a day for a treatment purpose.

   For prevention of oral diseases,  4 times of TT a day
   [before each of the threemeals + before going to bed]

However, for a treatment purpose, At least 7 times a day
[before and after everymeal + before going to bed)]
to maximize oral immunity and so to achieve prompt effect.

 By TT, you can immediately recover oral immunity
In stress or after smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages and asnack


2. Don't chew. Instead bite Slowly and firmly  

Chewing may damage the enamel of the teeth and give weak stimulation to the teeth (gums).

If the jawbone and periodontal ligament are weak, sudden  force may cause damage to the tissue.

Please, bite on the piece and exert force slowly to maximize stimulation

When TT (wood) collapses due to the biting force,spit it out and replace it with a new TT (wood).

Use 6 ~ 9 pills to stimulate molars, canine teeth and the front teeth in order.

In biting TT, if you feel pain in some area ,  it means that the concerned  area has weak  immunity

So, apply greater stimulation to these areas to enhanceimmunity.

3. TT's material  is natural and chemical free.

(Hemi) cellulose and lignin, the properties of wood, are glucose complexes that are nodifferent from the

properties of vegetables and fruits. Therefore, TT piece does not contain any substances that are harmful to

humanbody. TT (wood) is merely a substance to derive oral immunity . Therefore, it does not require food

additives or preservatives at all,such as xylitol and food colorings. You may occasionally experience a slight

feeling of discomfort (feeling of chewing paper) due to the reaction ofautonomic nerves.

This is a signal sent from our body not to swallow wood,which is a substance that is not digested.

As long as you dont swallow thewood, TT does not produce any problem at all.

However, saliva is the essence oflife containing various anti-bacterial enzymes and parotin.

So, it is farbeneficial for your health to swallow saliva created during TT.

If possible,suck out saliva soaked into the TT pills and spit out TT (wood) afterwards.

4. Treatment by your own saliva and immune cells

The only function of TT (wood) is to stimulate your teeth and gums with the force of 50 ~ 90kg/

And herefore to accelerate saliva secretion and blood circulation.

It does notcontain any medicinal or chemical substances.

What suppresses germs is none other than the oral immunity  – saliva  and  immune cells.

Immunity is full of the wisdom of evolutionover 3.5 billion years.

Maximize your oral immunity through TT.

Also, enjoy theadditional benefit of TT to activate cerebral nerves and blood circulation inside your brain.

5. Restaurants, the best place for TT

Everyoneknows exercise is good for health.

But, it is difficult to keep up the routinebecause it is inconvenient and troublesome.

Make the most use of the timewaiting for your meal to be served after placing an order at a restaurant.

Thisway, you can practice TT without having to set aside time.

Try  TTbefore a meal if you cannot enjoy eating meat because of your loose teeth.

TTbefore a meal provides the effect of stretching your gums and this helps you chew on tough meat.