Removing Germs – Lame Oral Care

With increase in theaverage lifespan and of the interest in well-being,

Many people are practicing oral care to have healthy teeth and gums.

We brush our teeth after a meal, use dental floss and visit the dentists for a dental scaling.

Experts say that brushing teeth, using dental floss and scaling are the toppriorities in oral care.

However, can we have healthy teeth only with the oral care that centers on removing germs?

We all breathe in the same air (virus). But, some catch a cold and others do not.

Likewise, germs that cause oral diseases exist in the mouths of all people.

But, some suffer from caries and periodontal diseases, while otherslive healthily.

We all have the same germs in our mouths.

But, why is it that some get oral diseases and others dont?

Are the germs discriminating people  ? ?
    Oral Immunity, the Key to Oral Health

Germs in our mouth certainly do not discriminate people.

The cause of oral diseases is the weakened immunity, not the germs inside the oral cavity.

Inside the mouth is the heaven of microorganisms due to the biological structure

(appropriate temperature and moisture level as well as continuous supply of nutrients).

As long as saliva and immune cells that protect the teeth and gums work properly,

Germs inside the oral cavity will be suppressed by the immunity and will not cause any problem.

On the contrary, if immunity is weakened,

The germs inside our mouth will cause diseases by attacking the teeth and gums.

Asillustrated in the cases of AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome),

The main cause of a disease is not the existence of germs,

But whether our immunesystem is working properly or not.

Neglecting oral immunity, the key to healthymouth,

We cannot keep our oral health only by focusing on removing germs through brushing teeth, etc.

For healthy teeth and gums in the genuine sense,

We must pay attention to whether the oral immunity  is working properly.

Oral Immunity Weakening

As much as the oral care focusing on removing germs,

another important issue is the westernized diet culture and the chronic stress

               Soft  Food

In the diet culture in the recent times,

pursuing convenience, has made soft food popular rather thanrough and unprocessed food.

However, chewing on soft food does not stimulateour teeth and gums very much.

Our body pursues energy efficiency.

So, lowered stimulation results in weakening of tissues in the parts concerned.

Wearing aplaster cast for 2 ~ 3 months on our arms and legs make the muscles and bonesweak.

Likewise, lack of stimulation due to the popularization of soft foodresults in the teeth,

jawbone and the gums (muscle) gradually weakening.

The main reason for increase in periodontitis patients in the recent times is ,

the lack of stimulation due to diet culture resulting in the teeth and gingivaltissues becoming weak.

Moreover, the degree of activities by saliva and immunecells ,

also depends on the stimulation to our teeth and gums.

So, the preferenceof soft food result in harm to,

 not only the teeth and gums, but also the immunity inside our mouth. 

                Sweet Food

As the diet culturepursues pleasing taste, consumption of sugar gradually increases.

Sugar is a nutrient very much favored by oral germs that cause caries andperiodontal diseases.

With spreading of diet culture centering on sweet food items, activities of these germs strengthen

and, consequently, our teeth andgingival tissues are exposed to greater attacks by the germs.

While oral immunity is weakening due to the preference of soft food,

sweet food is making the situation worse by giving a greater power to the oral germs.

So, it becomes all the more difficult to keep the health of our teeth and gums.                               


    In particular, the main problem is the snack.

    As shown by the Stephens Curve, food intake triggers sugar metabolism of germs.

    So, this lowers oral pH down to5.5 or lower. With this, our teeth are exposed to caries.

    The snacking culture makes a greater possibility of the teeth being exposed to caries.

    Most cookie sand beverages are full of sugar and this threatens the enamel of our teeth.

               Chronic Stress

    In addition to thewesternized diet culture,

    the main cause of weakening oral immunity  is chronic stress.

    In the competition-oriented society, we are bound to receive stress in our everyday life.

    We all know that chronic stress is bad for our health.

    When oral immunity is  lowered by stress,

    teeth and gums are  exposed to the attack of oral germs

     Stress stimulatessympathetic nerves and this suppresses saliva secretion,

    resulting in our mouthto become dry.

    Sympathetic nerves also contract capillaries in the gums.

    This results in the gingival tissues not receiving sufficient immune cells.

    Stress causes swelling and bleeding of the gums.

    This is because stress lowers immunity .

    and this, in turn, increases activities of the germs inside the oral cavity.  

          Oral Care Centering on Immunity

    Oral healthdepends on not the existence of germs inside the oral cavity,

    but the status of proper performance by oral immunity .

     Furthermore, the westernizeddiet culture and stress are weakening the oral immunity.

    Therefore, focusing on removing germs alone is not enough to keep healthy teeth and gums.

    If we practice  oral care centering on immunity ,

    we can keep our teeth and gums health even in stress and the westernized diet culture