Immunity – The best doctor and treatment in the world


DNA forms a human body consisted of 6 trillion cells (6x10¹³).

It also controls and regulates ,

autonomic nervous system, immunesystem and the endocrine system.

The history of DNA is not just of the human lifespan of 100 ~ 200 years.

Through the eternity of 3.5 billion years, DNA has been evolving through numerous trials and errors to survive in the fiercecompetition.

What this wondrous and mysterious DNA ,

has created is none other than immunity.

Even the advanced medicinal science of the present times,

cannot imitate the power of immunity.

When facing the immune system of human body (B&T cells and NK cells),

the common cold virus and cancer cell putting the modern medicine in an

awkward position are merely a rat before a cat .

In fact, diseases indicate deficiency or lack of immunity.

Therefore, all diseasesare naturally cured by activating immune power

Oral diseases are not an exception.

Using immune power, all oral diseases can be treated without difficulty.


                               Escaping from Periodontitis with TT

90% of the adult population suffers from troubles in the gums.

However,  these conditions don't produce serious pain and therefore are left untreated.

Eventually, the gums collapse and even cause the teeth to fall out.

The main cause of periodontal diseases is ,

known to be the germs along gingival sulcus (the border between atooth and the gum).

However, from the perspective of immunology,

periodontaldiseases are caused because activities of saliva and immune cells are lowered.

Therefore, these diseases can be cured by accelerating saliva secretion and blood circulation .

The high stimulation of 50 ~ 90 kg/ exerted by teeth training ,

rapidly increases saliva secretion (more 4ml/m ) and strongly stimulates capillaries in the gums.

7 times of TT a day(before & after each meal + before going to bed) will maximize oral immunity .

In 2 ~ 3 days, you will be able to escape fromperiodontal diseases.

If the condition is severe, try TT 4 ~ 5 more times a day to quicken the speed of treatment.

To care for your gums, you must be aware that the main cause of periodontal diseases is stress.

Stress stimulates sympathetic nerves.

Once stimulated, sympathetic nerve ssuppress saliva secretionand contracts capillaries in thegums .

When saliva secretion is lowered and blood circulation becomes poorer in the gums,

activities of oral germs  increase.

In fact, the reason 90% of the adult population suffersfrom periodontal diseases is ,

the chronic stress experienced by most people living in the competition-oriented society.

To have healthy gums,you must pay attention to stress management as much as.

Upsetting the autonomic nervous system and immune system,

stress is the main case of all diseases including oral diseases.

When a periodontaldisease becomes worse into periodontitis,

it causes the jawbone supporting theteeth to collapse.

This results in having to pull out the natural teeth and replacing them with artificial teeth.

No matter how good artificial teeth are,they can never be better than our own natural teeth.

Then, how can we keep our precious teeth?

Anyone who is exercising regularly would know.

Our body is strictly subject to the theory of use and disuse.

This applies to our teeth and gums as to our arms and legs.

In fact, the major cause of the collapse of jawbone is,

lack of stimulation due to the dietary culture to prefer soft food,.

This is the same with our legs  becoming weak due to the preference of using carsto walking.

Jawbones and gums (muscle) supporting the teeth become ,

stronger or weaker depending on the degree of stimulation exerted.

The 50 ~ 90 kg/ of force generated during teeth training not just ,

activates saliva secretionand immune cell activities.

It powerfully stimulates our jawbones and gums(muscle) supporting the teeth.

With continuous stimulation, jawbones and gums will gradually become stronger.

If your teeth are loosed because of periodontitis,

Practice TT regularly to continuously stimulate your jawbonesand gums.

In caring for periodontitis through TT, exercise before a meal is very important.

Most people suffering from periodontitis experience their teeth shaking while eating.

TT before a meal provides the effect of stretching gingival tissues ,

and this prevents loosening of teeth while you chew on rough food, such as meat .

If discomfort caused by food debris stuck in between teeth,      TT will work

              Preventing Bad breath(Mouth Dryness) with TT

The main cause of badbreath is the activity of oral germs , due todecrease in saliva secretion.

Therefore, with sufficient saliva secretion by stimulating  with TT,

anti-bacterial and sterilizing effect of lysozyme, lactoferrin and immunoglobulin (IgA) of saliva,

suppress activities of germs that cause bad breath.

In addition to the anti-bacteria effect, saliva also provides cleaning function to prevent badbreath.

Flowing at the speed of 0.5ml/ minute (4ml/m  when stimulated),

saliva removes food debris stuck in between teeth to cut off supply of nutrients to the oral germs .

When saliva secretionis accelerated with TT,

the flow of saliva becomes quicker to remove food debris from our teeth, gums and tongue.

This cuts off supply of nutrients to the germs that cause bad breath.

Practicing TT 7 times or more a day, you can easily be free from bad breath.

In particular, saliva secretion rapidly decreases while you sleep.

So, TT beforegoing to bed is very important.

If suffering from mouth dryness due to aging and medication , do TT

However, sufficient saliva secretion is difficult to be achieved, if our bodylacks moisture.

So, make sure to drink plenty of water to prevent our body from becoming dehydrated.

Our body is made with 70% water.

Lack of moisture inside our body lowers secretion not only of saliva,

but also of tears, digestivejuice, sweat and hormones.

This eventually weakens the immunity of ourbody.

              Suppressing Toothache with TT

When we are in severe pain,

we experience that biting the teeth helps relieving the pain to a certainextent.

This is because biting the teeth calms down the trigeminal nerves that deliver pain ,

and triggers secretion of endorphin (natural pain reliever) insidethe brain.

Applying this principle to TT,

you can relieve toothache due to aperiodontal disease or while you are eating.

Moreover, teeth training supplies saliva and immune cells to the areas affected by toothache and

therefore offersthe effect of promptly treating an oral disease that causes the toothache.

When hit by a sudden bout of toothache, try TT .

TT will calm down the trigeminal nerves and  accelerate secretion of endorphin.


Preventing and treading tooth decay with TT

Caries is caused by loss of calcium from the enamel as the oral cavitybecomes acidified (pH 5.5 ).

However, saliva contains properties,

such as calcium, phosphoric acid and fluorine, to regenerate the damaged enamel.

So,if the caries is not severe (not reaching the dentine),

the damaged enamel canbe strengthened again by using the regenerative effect of saliva.

Our tooth(enamel) is not a dead tissue.

This is a living tissue that becomes stronger orweaker according to the theory of use and disuse.

The important factors in preventing caries are sugar intake and pH inside the mouth.

The westernizeddietary culture (snacking) results in the excessive intake of sugar.

Oral germs hydrolyze sugar and create organic acid, the main cause ofcaries.

So, in case of severe tooth decay,

the most important thing is to check your eating habits and to cut down on sugar intake.

In addition, the occurrence of caries depends on the pH inside the mouth (Stephens Curve).

With sufficient saliva, pH inside the oral cavity is kept neutral to prevent caries.

PracticeTT immediately after a meal and snack to accelerate saliva secretion.

This will increase pH inside the mouth, which is very helpful in preventing tooth decay. 

          Increasing Brain Health with TT

The  risk ofdementia increases with the loss of molars .

 Because lack of molars results in lack of stimulation and t results in lowering of our brain health.

Teeth training is not just to strengthen the oral immunity.

The force of 50 ~ 90 kg/ generated at TT ,

stimulates the cerebral nerves through the jawbones and facial muscles.

This also accelerates blood circulation inside thebrain to increase brain health.

Try TT,  when feeling  drowsy or lackof concentration

You will  experience the feeling of your head becoming refreshed and recharged.