Inside the Mouth – The Heaven of Micro organisms

With suitabletemperature (30 ~ 35), sufficient moisture and continuous supply of nutrients,

the inside of our mouth is the optimal habitat of microorganisms, such asgerms, viruses and molds.

10 to 100 billion microorganisms in over 300 ~ 500varieties live inside our mouth.

Despite these numerous micro organisms,

Our teeth and gums are kept healthy ,due to  the oral immunity  – saliva and our immune cells.


                Saliva, Protector of the teeth

The traditional medical books, such as Dongeuibogam, refer to saliva as the essence of life.

One by one through scientific studies,

the modern medicine is also discovering the outstanding effects of saliva

                 1. Cleansing(Cleaning) Effect

Saliva runs at thespeed of 0.5ml/m (4ml/m when stimulated) .

this is a huge flood the oral germs measured 0.001mm on average.

To these germs, the flow of saliva is like a water bomb from the Niagara Fall.

Most of the micro organisms and food debris inside the mouth,

are swept by the rapids ofsaliva down the esophagus.

With sufficient saliva secretion,

the physical function of saliva eliminates food debris and micro organisms from our mouth. 


                        2. Sterilizing Effect

    Some micro organisms with adhesion molecules, such as cilia flagella

    may adhere to the teeth, gums,oral mucosa and tongue.

    So, they remain inside the mouth despite the rapid flow of saliva.

    In particular, S. mutans  creates glucan, a sticky polysaccharide, through carbohydrate metabolism.

    So, even the micro organisms without adhesion molecules can form dental plaque to adhere to the teeth

    Saliva contains powerful anti-bacterial properties to suppress these germs adhered to the teeth.

    Lysozyme provides sterilizing effect by melting down cell walls of the germs,

    while lactoferrin blocks out the inflow of ironnecessary in growth of the germs.

    Immunoglobulin (IgA) binds with the adhesion molecule of germs

    so ,it prevents the germs from adhering to the teeth andgums.

    Also, the antioxidant effect of peroxidase removes carcinogenic substances contained in food stuffs.

    In recent studies report , saliva contains enzyme that incapacitates AIDS virus.

    Also, saliva contains  anti-aging hormone (parotin)to give elasticity to the bones and skin.


      3. Protective and Regenerative Effect

    Germs, such as mutans, etc. in the dental plaque,

    break down carbohydrate and create organic acid(lactic acid) as the excretion.

    Organic acid takes away calcium and phosphateion from the enamel of teeth  to cause caries.

    Saliva protects and regenerates the enamel from caries through two processes. 

    First – Saliva prevents caries by neutralizing pH inside the mouth.

    For organic acid to bind with calcium and phosphate ions in the enamel (hydroxyapatite),

    pH inside the mouth must be 5.5 or lower. The pH of saliva is 6.5 ~ 7.

    So, if pH of plaqueis kept neutral with sufficient saliva inside the mouth,

    loss of calcium andphosphate ions from the enamel does not take place

    Second – Calcium, phosphate ion and fluorine properties of saliva re-calcifies the enamel.

    When caries occur,

    saliva provides calcium, phosphoric acid to the affected enamel to restore it


          Immune Cells,  Protector of the Gums

    Anyone who has ever suffered from periodontitis would know,

    the importanceof gums is far greater than that of the teeth in keeping the teeth healthy.

    If thegums supporting the teeth are weak, no matter how healthy the teeth are,

    they are bound to loosen and fall out .

    Gingival sulcus (small crevice formed alongthe border between a tooth and the gum) ,

    contains numerous germs that attack periodontal ligaments, jawbones and the gums.

    However,immune cells, such as granulocyte, T cell, B cell, macrophage and NK cell,

    forma powerful defense system and protect the gingival tissues from oral germs.

    Neutrophils (granulocytes) and macrophages feed on germs that penetrated intothe gingival tissues,

    while B cells create an antibody, such as Ig,to incapacitate activities of germs and viruses.

    T cells, the immunitycommander, command and support neutrophils, macrophages and Bcells.

    However, immune cells are supplied to the gums through blood vessels.

    Therefore, immune cells cannot perform properly if blood circulation in thegums is weak.

    If immune cells perform properly with successful blood circulation in the gums,

    you can keep your gums healthy       

         The Great Power of Immunity ,

         The Wisdom of 35 Billion Years of Evolution


    Immune cells and saliva creating immunity inside the oral cavity are createdby DNA.

    DNA has been rolling the wheel of evolution over the eternity of 35 billion years.


    The history of theadvanced modern medicine is,merely of 300 ~ 400 years.

    Even the traditionalmedicine has the history of 4,000 ~ 5,000 years.

    Considering that the historyof DNA is 31,436,000 seconds of the 365 days,

    the history of modern medicine isonly of 3 ~ 4 seconds and

    that of the traditional medicine is merely of 40 ~ 50seconds.

    Through the evolution of eternity, DNA has created

    a defense mechanismfor survival in the fierce competition.

    This is none other than the immunity(natural healing power).

    No treatment or medicine in the world can surpass thepower of immunity.

    Natural healing poweris the best doctor and the best treatment. – [Hippocrates]