The Theory of Use and Disuse

Human body pursuesenergy efficiency. Our body develops the parts stimulated.

Without stimulation,the parts concerned will be degenerated.

The more we use cars and elevators,the weaker our leg muscle and bones become.

On the contrary, our legs become stronger if continuously stimulated through mountain climbing and running,

Likewise, oral immunity is either activated or weakened according to stimulation.

Then, how can westimulate saliva secretion and immune cells to strengthen immunity?

                           It is not very difficult to do that.


 - Teeth Training with TT (made of wood)

Capillaries in the gums and salivary glands are connected to the nerves of teeth.

So, stimulatingt eeth accelerates saliva secretion and blood circulation in the gums.

The biting force of teeth is 50-90kg/㎠.

This means that a single molar has the force to support the weight of a grownup person.

Exerting stimulation of this force to the teeth,

salivasecretion and blood circulation in the gums rapidly increase.

Consisted of(hemi) cellulose and lignin,

TT (wood) has an appropriate level of elasticityand repulsive power.

So, even if bitten hard in between teeth, TT does not damage or break the enamel of teeth.

Exert the maximum force (stimulation) with your teeth while biting on TT (woo)

So, this stimulation will be delivered tothe capillaries of the salivary glands and the gums.

This will rapidly accelerate saliva secretion and blood circulation in the gums.

              TT is not just to activate ioral mmunity i

According to theexercise theory, the stimulated bones and muscles become gradually stronger.

Our teeth and jawbones are bones and the gums and periodontal ligaments aremuscles.

So, teeth training will gradually strengthen the teeth,jawbones, gums and periodontal ligaments.

                       How to do teeth training

Teeth training is to gradually apply force while biting on TT rather than chewing it.

Chewing may damage the enamel of the teeth and does not give a high level of stimulation to the teeth .

You must bite on the piece and exert force slowly to maximize stimulation without damaging theenamel.

When the jawbone and periodontal ligament are weak,

sudden exertion of force  may cause damage to the tissue.

So, the key to prevent injury is to slowly and gradually exert force.

When TT piece collapses due to the biting force, spit it out and replace it with a new TT piece.

In this method, stimulate your molars, canine teeth and the front teeth .

Of course, your teeth and gingival tissues will become gradually stronger by applying stimulation.

If youexperience pain in some areas when exerting stimulation,

it means that immunityis weaker in the areas concerned.

So, apply greater stimulation to these areas to enhance immunity.

According to the theory of acupressure,

you must increase immunity in the painful areas by applying more stimulation to them.

Restaurantsare the best place for teeth training.

Everyone knows exercise is good for health.

But, it isdifficult to keep up the routine because it is inconvenient and troublesome.

Itmust not be easy to practice TT when we hardly have time to brush teethregularly.

But, TT will not be a troublesome routine if you apply yourself toit while sitting at a restaurant.

It takes approximately 5 ~ 10 minutes untilyour meal is served.

Make the most use of the time waiting for your meal afterplacing an order at a restaurant.

This way, you can practice TT without havingto set aside time.

TT after placing an order at a restaurant ,

not only offers you the convenience of exercise, but also builds up your appetite

Because as the saliva secreted surrounds and protects your teeth, esophagus and stomach. 

For people suffering from periodontitis, TT prevents loosening of teeth when chewing meat or Kimchi.

The flowing speed of saliva has the effect of removing food debris.

TT after a meal speeds up the saliva flow  to effectively remove fooddebris stuck in between the teeth.

Of course, saliva also has the effect of preventing caries by neutralizing pH inside your mouth. 


                    Teeth Training for 8020

As the medical effectof exercise is widely known,

many people are trying to keep their health byexercising.

It is the same with our teeth and gums.

You can make your teeth and gums healthy by exercising them.

The westernized diet culture and stress gradually weaken oral immunity .

Under the circumstances, oral care centering on germs is not enough to have healthy teeth and gums.

However, giving continuous stimulation to the teeth and gums through TT,

oral  immunity is increased and this strengthens the gingival tissues accordingly.

As a result, you will be able to keep your own natural teeth in the old age.

TT does not just increase the oral health.

The stimulation of 50 ~ 90 kg/ exerted by teeth training is deliveredthrough the jaw to the brain .

It will activate the cerebral nerves and accelerateblood circulation.

This is very beneficial to the brain health, such as by preventing dementia.

           Teeth Training for the Youth

In the past, oral diseases occurred mainly in the grownups in their 40s or higher and not in theyouth.

However, the dietary life centering on fast food and excessive stress due to study ,

resulted in the rapid increase in the youth experiencing periodontal diseases and bad breath, etc.

In particular, young people avoid rough foods and prefer soft foods.

So, they  experience  malocclusion (snaggletooth) andjawbones not growing properly.

Applying stimulation by TT, malocclusion andshort chin, etc. can be prevented.